Thursday, March 8, 2012


"I don't wanna go to school. The kids are all laughing at me," the boy sighed.

"You just go put that jacket on and get marching. No more talking, just walking." His mother was having none of it.

"Darn it," thought Billy, "Why did Dad hafta go and get a new job anyway."

 It wasn't the new job so much it was that Billy's family had to move and with that, all of his friends were now hundreds of miles away. Despite his pleas, his mom wasn't giving an inch either. It wasn't like he didn't give the new school a try. He did. "And a whole week too," he thought, justifying his position. He wasn't like the rest of the kids. He didn't fit in. Couldn't they see that?

Being in fifth grade wasn't easy in the first place. Thinking back to that first day his face began to get flushed again. He could hear all the other kids giggling and whispering as the teacher introduced him.

"Class. Quiet class. I want you to meet our new student. William Mann. Please be sure to introduce yourselves and show him around at recess. Now get out your books."

The introduction was quick, but the eyes that were on him lasted all day. All week even. In the classrooms, in the hallways, in the library. The worst part was when the first graders saw him and pointed their little fingers at him, mouths wide open. Gee that was fun.

Billy made it to school in plenty of time and headed straight for the restroom. Looking in the mirror he brushed the light brown hair back from his face. Just a normal kid. Blue eyes. Straight teeth. Sure he had a few freckles but big deal.

Just then the door banged opened and in marched a huge female troll. Long stringy red hair hung down covering two bloodshot eyes. It the middle of it's face sat a big bulbous nose. Two teeth, like tusks, shot upwards out of each side of it's mouth.

"There you are Billy. I know how it feels when you're new and you feel different from everyone else. Why don't you go outside and play with all of the other kids under the bridge."

Billy's teacher turned and left. He shook his head. He doubted he would ever feel like he belonged in a school full of trolls. Opening the door, he walked out and towards the bridge wondering if they were serving goat for lunch again at the school cafeteria.


  1. hahaha, love the twist. Great story.

  2. Neato! Cool blog, thanks for stopping by mine:)

  3. HA! I love your stories! You always have these amazing twists at the end. Wasn't expecting the troll aspect at all:)

  4. Haha! Love it! Did not that coming.

  5. Play under the bridge with the other kids ...
    Snicker, snort.
    Very clever!
    I wonder what his father does for a living.

  6. Ha ha, should have seen that coming with a name like Billy. Fun story!---So there were three trolls living in a cave. One of them says to the other two, "It's getting cold in here." One hundred years pass and one of the other trolls says, "I think I will put some more wood on the fire." The third troll looks at the other two and says,"If you two keep making so much noise, I'm moving."---Norwegian Troll joke :D Like your blog and decided to stick around. Nice to meet you.

  7. I didn't see it coming until the troll walked in. Very cool.

  8. I love stories with unexpected twists!

  9. For some reason I am able to start a story and twist comes to me as I write. I am glad you all enjoyed it. It was fun writing it.