Saturday, March 31, 2012

In the Eye of the Beholder

Looking in the mirror, she was truly disgusted with what she saw.

Ugh. She could not believe how genuinely hideous she was. She paused and examined her features like it was the very first time she had even seen herself. Yuck. Repulsive would not even describe her.

Her thin red stringy hair hung down like straw from an old haystack around her thin wrinkly face. Both her pointy chin and long crooked nose held single large warts, gray in color with a coarse hair or two sticking out from each of them. Her bulging forehead made her bloodshot eyes sink even further into her face. Reaching up, she touched her blotchy skin with the tip of one bony finger, tracing the deep lines with the cracked greenish fingernail protruding sharply from it.

Grinning at herself she saw just how grotesque she was. Set perfectly straight between her thin cracked lips were her pearly white teeth, gleaming brightly in her reflection.

Oh no, this would not do. Picking up the phone the witch quickly dialed her dentist. She had to get these teeth fixed immediately.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hardly a Whisper

Whillingham Murton Greenleaf.

He hated that name and it belonged to him. What was his mother thinking? Since the day he could talk he bothered her about it.

"I don't like it."

"Can I change it?"

"What does it mean?"

And on and on with the same questions.

Each time his mother would refuse to answer, responding with a "Shhhh." So he would just ask the same questions, only in a very hushed tone. Maybe that was how he got his nickname, one that he liked much better. At least started with the same three letters. "Whisper."

Crouched down in the thick shrubs outside the village, he was hoping to catch a glimpse of the half-elf that was rumored to be staying with Edge Wolfblade, the last of the legendary "Shades" of the ShadowElf race. Shades were renowned for their ability to blend in with their surroundings undetected, and their incredible skill with dual-blade weapons, generally a short sword for one hand and a dagger for the other. They were equally adept at using both hands and could kill an enemy in just a flash of time.

Supposedly the half-elf was some kind of hero and Whisper was extremely curious to see him. From the rumors he had heard, the man was of enormous height, towering over even most full blooded humans from which he took half of his lineage. Mykleos was his name, and he was said to have a black griffon as his steed and companion.

A griffon!!! The young elf would have been lucky to see either the half-elf OR the griffon as both were about as common as a four leaf clover.

Whisper had first heard about the Shade living outside the village in the nearby forest when he was quite young, and first discovered the small hut a couple months ago. Being twelve seasons of age now, his mother was less strict on what he did during his days as long as he stayed out of trouble and was home by dusk. Now, being as quiet as a mouse, he waited silently in the shrubs outside the Shade's home.

Just then the heavy wooden door to the cabin opened and out stepped the tallest elf he had ever seen in his life. It must be the half-elf!!! But before he could even get a good look he found himself in the grasp of a strong hand yanking him out of the bushes by the collar of his shirt, leaves flying everywhere.

"What have we here?" said his captor. Whisper had neither heard nor seen him coming!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The WM Parenting Connection

For about one year I wrote a weekly post for The WM Parenting Connection as their "Step Parenting expert. I don't know how much of an expert I am but it was fun. I recently did a guest post that you can find here

It is a great site with some great writers and I highly recommend it. If you care to, check them out. If you are further interested in my writing on their site, there is a tab "Quick Links" which will bring you to a list of past posts where you can find my column along with other super tips on parenting of all sorts to click on..

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Lucky 7 Meme

Angeline at has tagged me. I'm sure you know the rules:

Go to page 77 of your current MS
Go to line 7 
Copy the next 7 lines and post them as written
Tag 7 authors and let them know. (Gonna skip this one, I just don't have that many followers yet)

Although not a highlight of my MS, here we go...

Opening his eyes he caught a fleeting glimpse of a warrior across the river attempting to quickly disappear into the brush before the dwarf spotted him. “Damn”, Dimnar cursed himself for being so lax. He was supposed to be out scouting for the enemy, not acting like he was out on some carefree little picnic. He was certain he had been seen and reached for his greataxe that he had placed beside his feet while viewing the falls. There would be no running from the enemy. A dwarf was not built for haste and they were raised to fight not flee. “I suppose the king will get his answer when I do not return”, he thought knowing that any orcs this far away from their homeland would surely be in a group. Dimnar resigned himself to the fact that he was certain to die once they had caught him, but he was also confident that many of them would take their last breath before he did so himself.

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Ogre

Peering between the heavy vegetation, the nasty vision of the creature that met Dent’s eyes surely matched the foul odor the youngster had been following with his nose. Just yesterday he had heard two castle guards talking about it next to the blacksmith’s shop. They had tried to speak of it in secret but no one really paid much attention to an eleven year old boy. They had hardly noticed him there as Dent pretended to clean the mud from his father’s horse’s shoes. An ogre would surely be something to see, he had thought to himself as he listened.

Dent had been quite jealous listening to his older brother talk about the “adventures” their father took him on. Mainly they were just small trips to the next village as they made deliveries there. But to listen to his brother talk you would have thought they had been off hunting dragons. With only the promise of his father that he too would soon be old enough to join them, Dent became impatient. When he heard of the sighting of the ogre and it’s whereabouts, he had made up his mind to have his own adventure, one that would certainly outdo any his brother would ever imagine.

And here he was right at this very moment peaking out at the hideous giant that had only yesterday been made out of fairy tales and folklore!

Holding his nose, Dent watched the huge creature picking it’s yellow stained teeth with it’s long dirty fingernails broken on their edges. Phew, what a smell. It’s green-gray skin was caked with dry mud, strands of hair popping through here and there. Wait until he told his brother about this!

Thursday, March 8, 2012


"I don't wanna go to school. The kids are all laughing at me," the boy sighed.

"You just go put that jacket on and get marching. No more talking, just walking." His mother was having none of it.

"Darn it," thought Billy, "Why did Dad hafta go and get a new job anyway."

 It wasn't the new job so much it was that Billy's family had to move and with that, all of his friends were now hundreds of miles away. Despite his pleas, his mom wasn't giving an inch either. It wasn't like he didn't give the new school a try. He did. "And a whole week too," he thought, justifying his position. He wasn't like the rest of the kids. He didn't fit in. Couldn't they see that?

Being in fifth grade wasn't easy in the first place. Thinking back to that first day his face began to get flushed again. He could hear all the other kids giggling and whispering as the teacher introduced him.

"Class. Quiet class. I want you to meet our new student. William Mann. Please be sure to introduce yourselves and show him around at recess. Now get out your books."

The introduction was quick, but the eyes that were on him lasted all day. All week even. In the classrooms, in the hallways, in the library. The worst part was when the first graders saw him and pointed their little fingers at him, mouths wide open. Gee that was fun.

Billy made it to school in plenty of time and headed straight for the restroom. Looking in the mirror he brushed the light brown hair back from his face. Just a normal kid. Blue eyes. Straight teeth. Sure he had a few freckles but big deal.

Just then the door banged opened and in marched a huge female troll. Long stringy red hair hung down covering two bloodshot eyes. It the middle of it's face sat a big bulbous nose. Two teeth, like tusks, shot upwards out of each side of it's mouth.

"There you are Billy. I know how it feels when you're new and you feel different from everyone else. Why don't you go outside and play with all of the other kids under the bridge."

Billy's teacher turned and left. He shook his head. He doubted he would ever feel like he belonged in a school full of trolls. Opening the door, he walked out and towards the bridge wondering if they were serving goat for lunch again at the school cafeteria.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Muffles


Pressing themselves up against the large wooden slats of a huge platform, the two tiny beings stood unmoving. Covered in soft silky fur from head to toe, fear filled their wide brown eyes that were made to absorb even the darkest evening's moonlight. Their vision was made for nocturnal life which was a benefit to them since they lived in a world of creatures of monstrous size that dominated the lands. The pointy tufts of hair at the tips of their ears twitched nervously. A small flat black nose sat upon the shortest of snouts, testing the air, on alert.

The younger of the two moved slightly, crunching a dry leaf underfoot. "Shhh....," scolded the one to the other, "they will find us if you are not quiet."

Despite a brisk chill in the air, the two felt no discomfort due to their fur which would grow out in dark tan tones in the fall and winter, and then thin out with a greenish tint in the spring that would carry them through the summer. Camouflage was vital to their ability to remained undetected, and in turn surviving. None of their kind had ever been seen by the "Monster Creatures" as they called them. Clothing was not a necessity even down to their feet upon which four toes grew with soft pads underneath. It was, however a dangerous time of year, where the occasional soft white snow that might fall overnight would expose their tracks if they were not extremely careful.


The large door slammed as "The Dark One", as they called him, slipped through the entryway that had been opened by "Tall Monster."

Dark One swept past them in a hurry, sprinting in the opposite direction. Without warning it stopped abruptly and circled back on all fours, sniffing the air and headed directly towards the two. Tall Monster, and others like him were not so difficult from which to hide. It was the four legged creatures that accompanied some of them that were the tiny beings main threat, and now there was one coming right for them!

A faint hissing squeak of fear came from the young being. Frozen in place, it mattered not since there would be no escape.

"Breaker!!! Get out there and do your business," yelled Tall Monster at the Dark One from the deck on which he stood. "I'm late for work. Get going." Turning away, the rottweiler made for a large oak tree on the opposite side of the yard.

The two Muffles had gotten lucky. Very lucky.