Saturday, March 31, 2012

In the Eye of the Beholder

Looking in the mirror, she was truly disgusted with what she saw.

Ugh. She could not believe how genuinely hideous she was. She paused and examined her features like it was the very first time she had even seen herself. Yuck. Repulsive would not even describe her.

Her thin red stringy hair hung down like straw from an old haystack around her thin wrinkly face. Both her pointy chin and long crooked nose held single large warts, gray in color with a coarse hair or two sticking out from each of them. Her bulging forehead made her bloodshot eyes sink even further into her face. Reaching up, she touched her blotchy skin with the tip of one bony finger, tracing the deep lines with the cracked greenish fingernail protruding sharply from it.

Grinning at herself she saw just how grotesque she was. Set perfectly straight between her thin cracked lips were her pearly white teeth, gleaming brightly in her reflection.

Oh no, this would not do. Picking up the phone the witch quickly dialed her dentist. She had to get these teeth fixed immediately.


  1. LOL, and here was I sitting that this was going somewhere!
    (Still love your writing though!)

  2. Ha! I love it! And great descriptions throughout, btw!

  3. I loved this! What great descriptions. Made me want to reach out and snip those hairs :)

  4. I understand completely. Her perfect teeth are hideous and she needs at least one of the front ones pulled.