Saturday, July 7, 2012

Shadow of Harm

There were bats. Lots of 'em. But instead of being repulsed or scared, Emma was fascinated. Of course she was pretty far away from the swarming creatures, but nonetheless she took interest as they flew high above her.

Lost in the Grey Forest, she had seated herself in a small clearing surrounded by the large oak trees that made up for most of the vast woodlands. Within minutes, a multitude of bats flitted high over her head, screeching their tiny little bat screeches. They circled above her like a small blackish tornado, swirling around. But suddenly and without warning they flew off in unison, letting the star filled sky fill her vision as she continued to look upwards.

It was then that the single jeweled necklace she wore began to glow, signaling her of an unknown danger nearby. Her Auntie Montise had given it to her, telling her of the magical powers it held.

"Em. It will ne''er tell ye what approaches, only dat it be evil and out to do no good," she heard her mother's sister tell her, speaking quietly between the four or five brown stained teeth she had left in her mouth.

Looking up again, Emma saw the huge black shadow fly over her in the early night sky. Ducking down and pulling her dark green cape around her, she sat quiet as she could hoping that she had not been spotted.


  1. You had me intrigued right away, because believe it or not, I like bats. I just think they look so cool the way they fly around. As long as they're not flying AT me. This would make a good scene within a novel.

    1. I plan on starting novel #2 in December and this post along with a couple others will either be incorporated or inspire scenes within that book. We shall see where the characters take me...