Sunday, February 5, 2012

In the Quest of Fantasy

Seated in this cold den with the dark form of Cerberus lying at my feet, I sit and ponder the first words I would write here. Looking up again and again, I watch five brave knights dressed in matching blood red capes battle a "Questing Beast" as a magician steps forward to attempt to save his friend, a royal prince, from the bite of this basilisk-like creature. A flash of bright blue-white light emanates from the conjurer's long thin fingers, shooting straight for the monster and penetrating it's green scales, killing it. 

Of course the den really isn't too cold especially when I am covered by a hand made comforter that my mother quilted. Uh, oh, Cerberus just woke up and has now laid his head on my lap seeking attention. Considering that the cerberus was mostly depicted as being a three headed hellhound, I must admit that the canine brute with his massive head now warming my legs is actually my rottweiler. Fiction is all in the mind of the writer.

But what of the knights and the prince and the magician and questing beast? Watching old episodes of the television show "Merlin" while I write is of course the answer there. 

Where I will take you in my posts is not entirely known to me, but the theme will be of one of the genre of Fantasy.


  1. Just blog anything that may interests you. This is your place to unload. Oh, and thanks for dropping by. :)

  2. Beautiful as ever. Are you the same guy who wrote as blogger MilesPerHour?

  3. Thank you. Yes I am the same guy... just without much time to write these days.